These open source Silhouette scripts could help your roto workflow

Hotkey and workflow enhancement python scripts.

Katie Morris has been working as a digital artist for many years, including at ILM specializing in roto and paint. She was looking to implement some custom scripts for her own workflow for roto, paint, tracking and compositing, but needed a programmer who could integrate everything in Silhouette FX software from Boris FX. So, she turned to Magno Borgo, also a specialist in the field.

Morris and Borgo have now released ‘KMFX scripts’, a set of open source python scripts for Silhouette. Morris says her aim, in making them open source, was to aid freelancers who might not always have access to the kind of support that is available in large studios.

Head to the KMFX scripts page at Github here, where you can find out how to install the scripts.

The duo were also featured in issue #1 of befores & afters in the ‘Whatever happened to roto?’ story.

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