It’s here: issue #1 of befores & afters in print

You can now order a print version of befores & afters!

UPDATE: Now available on Amazon.

I’m very excited to announce issue #1 of befores & afters in print is now available. You can find it at the befores & afters shop, or see below for a quick way to order.

Wait, there’s a print edition of befores & afters??

Yep! Issue #1 is a 120 page, 5×8 in. booklet that you can order from the store, that will be sent to you in the mail and that you can hold in your hands. The cost is AUD$25.00, plus a flat-rate shipping fee per item.

What’s inside?

Issue #1 features the following coverage:

The great capes – a look at some of the landmark caps in VFX history, from the CG cape in Batman Forever to the cape crafted practically and digitally for Superman Returns.
Stuffy stories – more than 30 effects practitioners weigh-in on the many and varied stuffies and stand-ins they’ve employed in films and shows over the years.
Whatever happened to rotoscoping? – wasn’t roto meant to be automatic now? Experts offer their thoughts on the current state and future of this vital component of VFX.
VFX artists vs. the Golden Gate Bridge – it’s the bridge VFX artists love to destroy. Here’s how they did it on multiple films such as The Core and X-Men: The Last Stand.
‘Jar Jar changed movies’ – actor Ahmed Best and animation director Rob Coleman outline how Jar Jar was a leap ahead in motion capture and CG character performance.

What else is in it?

It’s just these five articles, but they’re all long reads. Plus there’s VFX imagery never seen before, and exclusive illustrations created by Aidan Roberts. In fact, each issue will feature a different illustrator.

Each issue?

Yep, this is just issue #1, but befores & afters in print will be quarterly. And don’t worry, nothing is changing with It will still feature full coverage of the VFX industry, including the latest films, shows and events.

OK, how do I get befores & afters in print?

Head to the store or see below, make an order, and the magazine will be shipped to the address you provide. Due to COVID-19, I’m afraid the shipping times are incredibly varied depending on where you live (to be super-clear: it’s going to take some time to get this into your hands). I’ll endeavor to keep you updated on shipping/tracking as much as possible.

I really hope you enjoy issue #1!

befores & afters – issue #1

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