Get your practical FX fix with this enormous collection of interviews

Part of Berton Pierce’s ‘Sense of Scale’ doco.

Looking for a couple of hours of practical effects and models and miniatures interviews? Then don’t miss director, producer and model maker Berton Pierce’s YouTube channel, which has a whole bunch of segments, excerpts and bonus pieces from his Sense of Scale documentary.

I’ve watched so many of these videos over the years, and Pierce has recently been posting a bunch of segments on the channel direct from the doco. The War of the Worlds segment is a lot of fun, embedded below.

You can find a whole bunch more featuring miniature and practical effects from Aviator, Ghostbusters, Waterworld, Galaxy Quest, Godzilla and a lot of others. Many of them have images or clips that are featured nowhere else.

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  1. The doc dvd and extras disk are things I trot out all the time, it is great hearing the stories and seeing the images all in one place.

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