A brief look at what’s available in mocap glove tech

Finger tracking has never been so doable.

Readers are probably already familiar with the range of body motion capture and facial capture solutions that available. But what about finger motion capture and tracking? Here’s a quick look at some of the main options, including gloves from Rokoko that have just been launched. Note: this story does not look at the range of sensor solutions for hand-tracking, such as those from Ultraleap.

Rokoko Smartgloves

Rokoko makes the wearable Smartsuit Pro, which operates using Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) tech. The same technology now powers its new Smartgloves, which make for hand and finger tracking. One of the big selling points of these new gloves is the price; they are available for pre-order directly through Rokoko’s website for $895 per pair. Check out the website for more info, or the video below.

Manus Prime II gloves

Manus appears to have two motion capture glove offerings. First is their Prime II motion capture gloves, which are wireless data gloves that track individual fingers on two joints; 11DOF on every finger. Then there’s the OptiTrack Hybrid gloves made in conjunction with OptiTrack which use signature pulse active OptiTrack LEDs. For more info, see the Manus website, or watch the video below.

StretchSense MoCap Pro SuperSplay gloves

MoCap Pro SuperSplay gloves rely on splay sensors for finger tracking data, with each finger and thumb sleeve containing a sensor. A wrist sensor captures the lateral movement of the wrist. See more at StretchSense’s website and in this video.

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Perception Neuron Studio Gloves

The Perception Neuron motion capture system, from Noitom, is a data capture suit. The Studio Gloves, which are only compatible with Perception Neuron Studio inertial kits, allow for finger track and feature six 9-DOF IMU sensors. Details at the website and in the video below.

Nansense gloves

Nansense’s gloves are IMU-based and offer high-res finger tracking from a network of proprietary sensors. Nansense says it also uses an FK/IK hand solver, machine learning and a constrains system to correct motion capture data in real-time. There’s more information on Nansense’s website, plus you can watch the video below.

AiQ Exo-Glove

AiQ-Synertial also makes the Cobra Gloves, with the Exo-Glove removing most of the actual glove material. Find out more here.

Vicon’s Shōgun for finger tracking

Vicon does sell gloves as part of its motion capture suit options, but perhaps the best thing to point out is its high fidelity finger solver tech as part of the company’s Shōgun’s mocap software system. More info here, and a demo in the video below.

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