Upcoming VFX and animation events – a super-quick guide

There’s A LOT to watch from home.

I just had a big week of checking out numerous SIGGRAPH 2020 presentations, and even hosting a few. And when I look ahead, it’s amazing to see how many online VFX and animation-related events are coming.

So, I thought I’d do a really quick listing of them. Please feel free to comment or email me with more to add.

Pixar RenderMan – RenderMan Art & Science Fair 2020
September 1-4
Usually held at SIGGRAPH, the event is now online and being held over a couple of days. Register and watch on-demand sessions here.

Chaos Group – 24 Hours of Chaos
September 2 & 3
10 back-to-back livestream sessions put together by Chaos Group, Autodesk, 3ds London and other partners. Watch here.

Spark CG Society – The VFX journey of Warrior Nun: From Pre to Post Production
September 8
Presented by The Embassy. Moderator: Marina Antunes with Michael Blackbourn, Nick Whiteley & Paul Copeland. Register here.

Maxon – 3D and Motion Design Show
September 8-11
A line-up of artists presenting their work in C4D, Red Giant software and Redshift. Register here.

Unreal Engine – The Pulse
September 9
fxguide’s Mike Seymour is hosting ‘Virtual Production: The Transition to Real-Time Filmmaking’ with Sam Nicholson, Felix Jorge and Matt Madden. Register here.

Lightbox Expo – LBX Online
September 11-13
Three days of CG art, concept art, visual art and other presentations. Register here.

ftrack – various webinars
September 22 and 29
ftrack is hosting webinars about review workflows in the tool, and Action. Register here.

Visual Effects Society – AMA
October 6
The next Ask Me Anything session is with Aruna Inversin, creative director and visual effects supervisor at Digital Domain. Register here and check out their previous AMAs.

VIEW Conference – View Conference 2020
October 18-23
A physical conference in Turin, Italy and many VFX and animation sessions online. befores & afters is hosting several talks. Register here.

Spotted other VFX and animation webinars? Let me know in the comments.

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