Go inside the LEDcave with ‘STRANDED’

Just one example of a virtual production short film.

It feels like things are moving rapidly with virtual production. Inspired by the success of The Mandalorian (both from an audience point of view and in terms of its use of LED walls and real-time rendering techniques), several filmmakers and studios have been experimenting with the technology in a big way.

One example I came across recently – and there are many others – was Buero Abstract’s STRANDED short, in which a young man wakes up in a strange world where days last only minutes. It was produced in co-operation with Studio L.O.U.P. at LEDcave in Mannheim, Germany.

It’s worth checking out the final film and then the making of for the short, below. I’d also recommend looking around the Buero Abstract and LEDcave websites for more on how studios are trying out these new virtual production techniques.


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