Hear direct from studios that have made cloud production work

The AWS virtual event, on during SIGGRAPH, is for creative studios, teams and freelancers.

Virtual workstations. Remote rendering. Remote storage. You might have heard some of these cloud-related terms mentioned previously, and even more so as companies and artists in the industry have been working remotely.

To get a handle on how those technologies actually all work—and how a number of visual effects and animation studios and freelancers have already implemented the cloud into their production workflows—Amazon Web Services (AWS) is running a two-day event on August 26th and 27th covering this area.

There will be five webcasts that will dive into working remotely with the cloud, and how this can work for creative studios, teams and freelancers. AWS users Untold Studios, Hive VFX, Cinesite and Tangent Studios will reveal first-hand how they are successfully leveraging cloud workflows. AWS will also discuss specific tools, and NVIDIA will be part of a round-table on virtual workstations.

Details of the full program, and how to register, are below. The sessions form part of AWS activities at virtual SIGGRAPH 2020. They begin each day at 8am PDT for the Americas, EMEA and Africa, and 10am IST for APAC. Sessions will be available to registrants for on-demand viewing following the event, too.

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Wednesday, August 26

Keynote: Digital content creation on AWS Learn how to scale your studio by running virtual workstations, rendering, and storage workloads on AWS, and discover tools that help studios iterate faster, hire the best talent, work remotely, and deliver for clients.

Industry firsts How to launch a new creative studio, entirely on the cloud
. Untold Studios details how it’s pushing the boundaries of technology by operating completely in the cloud (and experimenting with Unreal Engine) so that its teams can focus on creative endeavors without operational distractions.

Thursday, August 27

Hive VFX Automating virtual studio deployment on AWS to enable global collaboration. 
Get a deep dive from Hive VFX on Infrastructure as Code with AWS CloudFormation, serverless and event-driven architecture with AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway, and how to use these services to deploy a HPC environment featuring G4 instances, FSx Lustre File Systems, and EC2 Spot Fleets via AWS Thinkbox Deadline.

Cinesite tells all How cloud rendering can revolutionize VFX & feature animation workflows
. Hear how Cinesite uses cloud rendering tools to reach new levels of visual complexity and detail in their work and meet increasingly tight schedules and get a sneak peek at upcoming projects, including family adventure-comedy EXTINCT and scenes from Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

Virtual workstations The new must-have studio essential
Join AWS, NVIDIA, and Tangent Studios for a discussion moderated by Randi Altman of postPerspective, on virtual workstations, how they work, who is using this technology today, and how working remotely will continue to evolve and influence content production.

You can register, free, for the sessions by heading here.

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