Autodesk Vision Series now virtual

Here’s the full programme.

One of the amazing things each year about SIGGRAPH or FMX and other conferences is that, in addition to the central sessions on show, software and hardware vendors now often run their own break-out sessions. In these, you always get a lot of extra and direct info; much of it practical.

Of course, with few conferences happening in physical form, those break-out sessions have to change a little this year, and are now being done virtually themselves. I just noticed that Autodesk has announced its ‘Virtual Vision Series’ of talks to take place September 9, 10 and 11.

The programme looks great and of course runs through Autodesk’s stable of main tools like Maya, 3ds Max and Shotgun. There’s also a bunch of presenters from VFX and other studios such as ILM, Naughty Dog and Animal Logic. Check out the programme below, and find the registration info (it’s free) here.

Wednesday, September 9

9:00am PT – Maya: Faster Rigging and Animation Workflows

Enabling artists to animate faster and without creative limits has been central to recent Maya updates. In this session, we pull back the curtain to see how artists at Walt Disney Imagineering, ILM, Naughty Dog, and Build a Rocket Boy are using the latest animation and rigging workflows in production.

10:00am PT – Lights, Cameras, FX: Exploring What’s Possible with Bifrost

From user experience updates to instancing, character FX, point clouds, particles, and volume tools, learn about the latest additions to Bifrost’s portable visual programming framework, and what’s coming down the line.

11:00am PT – Shotgun: Developing for the Future

In light of current times, remote collaboration and security in the cloud are more important than ever. In this session, learn how security, tracking, integration, and automation in Shotgun have evolved to address changing industry needs, and how Shotgun plans to develop for the future, no matter what that holds.

12:00pm PT – 3ds Max: Open Standards and Next Generation Viewport Framework

Join the 3ds Max team on a journey through modernizing the 3ds Max viewport. Hear about how the team is developing a decoupled, open, and extensible graphics framework that supports modern graphics APIs, and is based on open source technologies.

1:00pm PT – Taking on Complexity: GPU Rendering, USD, and Scalability with Arnold

From Arnold GPU to recent USD components, find out how the latest updates to Arnold are enabling studios like Rising Sun Pictures to tackle some of the most complex projects on the big and small screen today.

2:00pm PT – Impossible Post-Production with Flame

See how Flame artists are making the ‘impossible’ possible. Get an overview of the latest developments for Flame, including tools to automate and enhance your VFX work using AI.

Thursday, September 10

10:00am PT – Between Arch Viz, Sports Shoes, and Fruit Salads

Hear about ALTSHIFT’s journey to establishing a dope design studio, and their experiences dealing with some strange projects, weird clients, and unexpected requests.

11:00am PT – Open Source at Autodesk: USD, MaterialX, and OpenColorIO

Open source projects play a critical role in the creation of Film and TV content. Dive into Autodesk’s open source projects and collaborations with tech partners and creative studios, including work on the USD plugin for Maya, MaterialX, and OpenColorIO.

2:00pm PT – Advancing and Automating Scheduling and Resource Optimization at LAIKA

Join the LAIKA team and Shotgun’s Phil Peterson in a discussion about the studio’s new approach to scheduling complex feature film productions. Hear about the challenges, solutions, and future possibilities in scheduling and automation, and get a glimpse into the tools and techniques empowering their approach.

Friday, September 11

9:00am PT – Future-Proofing Your Studio: Best Practices for Modern Creative Studios

Shotgun clients in film, TV, games, and VR share how they’re using Shotgun to adapt their workflows for the future of media creation and reveal how Shotgun has proven essential in recent months in creating a “virtual studio” for remote work.

10:00am PT – WIA Presents: Women Working in Virtual Production

How can we leverage virtual production as much of the film industry has pivoted to work from home? What are the opportunities for women starting their career? In this panel moderated by Jinko Gotoh, producer, Netflix, hear from women in animation and VFX about the advantages, challenges, and blue sky of the future.

11:00am PT – The Role of the Artist: Creating During Times of Unrest

During times of unrest, we look to art for hope and inspiration. Listen in as artists participate in an open conversation about storytelling and showing the world as it is, even in challenging times.

12:00pm PT – Succeeding as a Freelancer

Ever dream of working for yourself and being your own boss? Join Autodesk and a panel of current and past freelance artists for a discussion about their experiences and career paths, thoughts on freelance art, and advice for navigating industry shifts.

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