DigiPro 2020 preview: Mando, Trolls, Cats and more

DigiPro is going virtual this year.

One of the best pre-SIGGRAPH events every year is the Digital Production Symposium. Of course, it’s usually a physical event held in a conference room, a place where speakers and attendees get to interact. This year, it’s going virtual, but that doesn’t mean the sessions aren’t still incredible.

These sessions include:

  • a Keynote from ILM visual effects supervisor Richard Bluff on the VFX of The Mandalorian
  • a look at how ILM tackled crowds on Rise of Skywalker
  • behind the scenes of Technicolor’s FaceLab, which was utilized by MillFilm on Cats
  • how DreamWorks’ crafted hair effects for Trolls World Tour
  • an update on the Academy Software Foundation’s work on OpenColorIO
  • many more sessions…

DigiPro is happening August 11 to 13, 2020 at 11:30 am to 3:00 pm (PDT), with receptions to follow each day from 3pm to 4 pm.

Check out the full program here. Registration is only $30. There’s also a neat app for the virtual event, which I think looks really great.

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