You could have bought this ‘Batman Forever’ miniature RC Batmobile for £20,000…

…The film turns 25 this week.

When Batman Forever was released a quarter-century ago, it seemed to feature effects work from just about every shop then around (see the list here). A wide variety of VFX is seen in the film, from matte paintings, to digital characters, to extensive models and miniatures.

One of those miniatures was a remote control Batmobile, which went up for auction at Prop Store back in 2014. The winning bid was £20,000.

Prop Store reports that the miniature was “most prominently used for the sequence in which Batman (Val Kilmer) evaded thugs who were working for Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones) by driving up an alley wall.”

I’m not 100 per cent sure which shop, artist or team made this particular miniature, but the central miniatures house on the show was Grant McCune Design.

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I always really dug Batman Forever; stay tuned for some special coverage coming down the pipe soon…

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