SkinGen: dynamic skin effects

Reallusion’s SkinGen – a first look at the plugin for Character Creator.

In this new preview video, Reallusion is revealing SkinGen, a feature extension and plug-in for Character Creator 3.3, to be launched in July.

SkinGen extends the power of Character Creator to make realistic digital doubles, right within the toolset. The extended demo I got to see features a whole bunch of sliders that let you adjust different layer stacks of the skin effects. The plugin supports Substance Engine and has content from

Probably the coolest thing to check out, I think, is the face and body customization. It’s basically an endless amount of changes you can make to things like hair, fingers, nails and skin. Implementing make-up effects changes on the fly was also very cool to see.

Check out the demo below, and find out more at this Reallusion forum post.

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