VFX studios share shots of their crews working from home

VFX studios working from home

A quick-round up of fun VFX-er WFH pics (and, yes, it includes cats as well)

Ever since the coronavirus crisis started forcing many visual effects studios to deploy their teams remotely, the studios have been noting on social media how this effort has been going.

I started seeing, too, a bunch of fun Zoom captures or other ‘home set-up’ images from the studios, so I’d thought I’d embed some here. Note, there’s of course a whole lot of VFX studios who have successfully implemented remote working – many of which have been operating like this for a number of weeks already – that might not appear here. This listing below is only where I found pics of the crew (or, in some cases, pics of the crew’s cats).

If you’ve seen more photos like this from other VFX studios, let me know and I’ll add them! I’m also keen to add other organizations from the industry, too, such as schools, software and hardware companies and service providers.


Important Looking Pirates


DNEG Montreal

Vine FX

Axis Studios


Electronic Theatre Collective

Jellyfish Pictures



UTS Animal Logic Academy

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