Get your stunt fix right here


Go behind the scenes on the big stunts of ‘Hobbs & Shaw’.

As part of the DVD/Blu-ray release of Hobbs & Shaw, a number of official featurettes have been released. I wanted to share three of those here that specifically go into the stunts of the film.

And by ‘stunts’ I mean the elaborate sequences that actually involve previs, fightviz, fight and stunt choreography, on-set practical effects, special effects, cinematography, editing and visual effects.

These videos don’t dive a lot into the VFX work, much of which was done by DNEG and Framestore under the supervision of Dan Glass for the scenes highlighted in the videos (you can see my VFX breakdown of the helicopter scene here). However there is a lot of great behind the scenes footage to check out – I particularly love the bluescreen photography.

Here’s three of the featurettes, below. You can buy the Hobbs & Shaw DVD/Blu-ray at Amazon.

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