UK Screen Alliance’s diversity and inclusion report

UK Screen Alliance

Here’s where to read the full report of a survey of the UK VFX, anim and post industries.

UK Screen Alliance, in partnership with Animation UK and Access VFX, has published a report into inclusion and diversity in the UK’s VFX, animation and post-production sectors.

The report surveyed 1,150 workers, and, according to a release, “reports a significantly higher percentage of ethnic diversity in VFX, post and animation than the overall level of diversity, or lack of it, within the wider film and TV industry. In VFX, people of colour make up 19% of the workforce. For animation BAME representation is 14% and in post-production it is 18%. All three sectors exceed the 14% UK average percentage for people of colour in the working-age population.”

There are several other findings in the report, too, which you can read here. Below is a useful infographic of some of the results of the survey.

UK Screen Alliance

For some of the practical things that are being done in terms of improving diversity, I would recommend in particular checking out Appendix A of the report. It outlines several initiatives from Access VFX, Animated Women UK, Rise, Equal Access Network, apprenticeships in the UK and the NextGen Skills Academy.

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