5 VFX and animation events not to miss at Annecy

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The Annecy Festival kicks off on 10th June, 2019, and befores & afters will be there to cover some of the latest, and upcoming, happenings in the world of animation and VFX. Here’s a heads up on five of our ‘don’t-miss’ events at Annecy. If you’re heading to the festival, please get in touch to say hi.

Photo: G. Piel/CITIA

1. Swing Behind-the-Scenes of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”

One of the stunning things about Into the Spider-Verse is that there are simply so many things that the filmmakers and, in particular Imageworks did, to make this film possible. One aspect was all the effects animation work, and at Annecy Pav Grochola and Ian Farnsworth will be chatting about their role. Imageworks has actually provided befores & afters with an inklines machine learning paper published by the team which you can check out here, along with a bunch of related imagery.

2. Acting and Gestures in Animation with Andrew Gordon

Gordon was just announced as the head of character animation at DNEG, where that studio is ramping up for feature animation. He’s also a fantastic speaker and always shares a lot of practical tips for attendees.

3. RenderMan 22 – The Latest & Greatest from Pixar

Pixar’s Dylan Sisson will be presenting a couple of these sessions which dive into the latest RenderMan features. You’re also likely to get a heads up on what’s in Toy Story 4 (there’s also a screening of that film at Annecy). So don’t miss these intimate talks.

4. From Animation to Live-Action: When VFX Bridge the Gap

The title kinda says it all here, with the drawcard of this session being the fantastic speakers. They include Troy Saliba from DNEG, Arslan Elver from Framestore, Giles Davies from MPC, Adrian Garcia from Folivari and Thierry Onillon from MacGuff Ligne.

5. Animated feature previews

There’s quite a few happening at Annecy, some are pointed sessions on films like Frozen 2 or Scoob, while others are insights into what’s coming out of Netflix, Sony Pictures Animation or DreamWorks Animation. We’ll be letting you know what we find out!

Find out more in Annecy’s programme.

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