These ‘Game of Thrones’ featurettes are setting the standard for TV show featurettes

Game of Thrones VFX

Almost as compelling as the show itself

Let’s face it, the featurettes you used to buy DVDs and Blu-rays for are perhaps not cutting it as much as they did in the ‘old days’. But there is one kind of featurette that is still killing it: HBO’s final season of Game of Thrones ‘Game Revealed’.

Often longer than 30 minutes, these featurettes that appear hours after each episode airs are full of behind the scenes material, and loads and loads of visual effects and CG info and imagery.

flame thrower attached to a Spider-cam
A flame thrower attached to a Spider-cam, a screenshot from the latest ‘Game Revealed’.

The latest ‘Game Revealed’ accompanying episode 5 of season 8 dives into the battle at King’s Landing, and the practical, special and visual effects work involved. This includes the impact of people and structures being set on fire from Drogon’s powerful breath.

Check out the latest featurette below, and be sure to go back to look at previous editions of ‘Game Revealed’. Just one left!

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