Genetically re-engineered samurai dinosaurs! The making of ‘KYŌRYŪ’

A discussion about VFX, anim, real-time content and original IP.

This week on the befores & afters podcast, we’re talking to two members of the team from Floating Rock, a New Zealand based studio that has its roots in animation and VFX and is looking to create its own IP.

Their debut IP is KYŌRYŪ, which is essentially about genetically re-engineered samurai dinosaurs. I know, how cool is that. Floating Rock released a trailer for this just in September and it has already reached a million views.

We talk to Floating Rock director and creative lead Lukas Niklaus and to senior animator and show creator Benjamin Mulot about the studio and the project, and about something they’re calling cineplay, in terms of getting the IP made and out there.

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