The making of Bank Heist mocap series for action films

ActorCore stages riveting blockbuster productions with fresh stunts.

In the wake of their triumphant debut with the Action Film Series, ActorCore, the foremost online 3D content emporium, has unleashed Bank Heist – a masterpiece of anticipation and adrenaline.

Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of Hollywood’s greatest productions, this kinetic motion pack boasts an impressive array of 61 heart-pounding sequences. Prepare to be transported into a world where audacious criminals storm a bank, taking hostages and cracking open impregnable vaults. Experience the electrifying tension of fierce gun battles, strategic cover tactics, and high-stakes hostage negotiations. Witness the enigmatic robbers make their daring escape, only to find themselves pursued relentlessly by determined law enforcement.

Combine this pack with ActoreCore’s 3D characters for diverse bank robbery scenes and Run for Your Life content pack for fleeing crowds to create thrilling cinematic experiences for games, films, and commercials.

Behind the production

In partnership with Monkey Chow Animation Studios, creators of the Run for Your Life 3D motion pack, all animations have been meticulously captured by professional stunt performers at Motion Capture Orlando’s new studio, equipped with 38 Vicon cameras and run by a rock-solid crew.

Witness the creation of these amazing 3D motions:

Bank Heist includes some of the major story beats of an armed robbery and was inspired by my favorite films like Heat, Inside Man, and The Town,” said Jeff Scheetz from Monkey Chow Productions. “I went a little bit crazy on this one and got to play a filmmaker. We developed a narrative chain of events to get the story rolling!”

Sophisticated motion editing with iClone

Monkey Chow’s raw data underwent refinement within iClone, a real-time 3D character animation tool. iClone streamlined the process by offering rapid real-time animations, swift motion correction, animation editing, seamless blending, and precise actor-object interactions within the scene.

“We edited the clips in iClone. We had to tighten up weapon placement, refine prop interactions, and integrate moving set pieces. The most complicated one was actually the vault. Andress used a roll of tape to enter the combination and pulled a scaffold to open the vault door.”

“We were able to construct our CGI vault door model to match the measurements of the sets, and we used reach targets to temporarily connect the hand to the dial, so the motions of the hand were driven by the movement of the dial. Additional animation layers compensated for grabs and releases as the combination was entered.”

Armed Robbery motions on demand

Users have the flexibility to use these 61 motions as they are or enhance them by combining them with other motions using iClone 8’s new motion editing features. All ActorCore motions are completely royalty-free and can be exported as FBX or BVH files for compatibility with major 3D tools like Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema4D, NVIDIA Omniverse, and real-time game engines such as Unreal and Unity.

Check out Bank Heist in the ActorCore 3D Store today.

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