Behind the scenes of ‘Wednesday’, its on-set performer for Thing, and complex creature effects

VFX supervisor Tom Turnbull breaks down the visual effects in the season one finale.

Today on the befores & afters podcast, we’re chatting to Wednesday visual effects supervisor Tom Turnbull about the Tim Burton series from Netflix.

The first season finale episode, ‘A Murder of Woes’, is nominated for Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Single Episode at the Emmys. So, we decided to chat to Tom about how the VFX in that ep were made.

This includes bringing the character Thing to life, made possible with an on-set performer, some amazing paint-out and comp work, and 3D hand animation work, too.

Plus we also talk about the creature visual effects in that episode, of which there is a ton.

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Listen in below, and check out the video making-ofs.

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