Ted Lasso’s football matches were made on a ‘stand-in’ field, with greenscreen, crowd sprites and other VFX

The show’s on-set VFX supe breaks down the AFC Richmond vs. Manchester City game.

This week on the befores & afters podcast, we’re chatting with on-set visual effects supervisor James MacLachlan about season 3 of Ted Lasso.

James is part of the team nominated in the Emmys category of Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Single Episode, which was for episode 11 of s3 named ‘Mom City’.

In that ep, the team play at Manchester City. Of course, in reality they don’t actually film the game there, it’s instead shot at a stand-in field. James oversaw the VFX effort during filming of the action, including the shooting of various crowd elements used for crowd replication.

Then, VFX studio Barnstorm VFX crafted the Man City stadium environment. And they also took crowd elements, including volumetric elements, and created the game’s audience members.

This is an in-depth discussion about what it took to film all the right things to help shape the necessary angles for the football action, and pull that all off with invisible visual effects work.

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Listen in to the podcast below, and also check out some before and after stills.

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