Cloud computing platform Genesis Cloud is coming to SIGGRAPH 2023

Meet the team at the exhibition and learn about Genesis Cloud’s solutions for accelerated cloud GPU computing for machine learning, visual effects rendering, big data analytics, and cognitive computing.

Genesis Cloud will be participating in SIGGRAPH 2023 at the conference’s 50th anniversary, where the company will showcase its expertise as a distinguished cloud computing provider for accelerators.

The company invites attendees to visit booth number 1129 and discover how Genesis Cloud’s cloud computing solutions are shaping the present and future of VFX and rendering through efficiency, affordability and sustainability.

What is Genesis Cloud?

Genesis Cloud is a European cloud infrastructure provider that specializes in Machine Learning, Rendering, Blockchain, Transcoding, and IT Security-related workloads. It provides 100% green computational power with a high performance-to-cost ratio for any workload. Using cost-optimized GPUs, you can choose to run your workloads on-demand or always-on and see cost savings over on-premise deployments.

Take advantage of consumer-grade cards from Nvidia in a reliable high-performance environment characterized by enterprise-grade data centers and server infrastructure. Genesis Cloud is also on the edge of the newest developments, introducing commercial-grade cards and non-GPU accelerators for specific needs like LLMs and Generative AI (such as the Gaudi2 processor, in collaboration with Habana Labs, an Intel company).

What do customers think of Genesis Cloud? Here’s Miguel Espada, CEO and Co-founder of Espadaysantacruz Studio and co-founder of SpecialGuestX, regarding one of his latest projects:

“Carvana Joyrides is a project of SpecialGuestX. To celebrate the one million cars sold, Carvana created a unique video for each of its sales. Each video tells the story from the car’s point of view, the day it met its new owner. The videos were created using AI and cloud rendering with our partner Genesis Cloud. The flexibility and scalability of the Genesis Cloud platform allowed us to generate 1,345,948 unique videos, is around 45,000 hours of personalized content. If you were to watch all of the videos back-to-back, it would take over 5 years to finish.”

Making the most of cloud rendering

Many users in this space know well and probably have at home the Nvidia cards that Genesis Cloud offers in its special setup. This, paired with fair and transparent pricing (i.e. on demand price for a dedicated GPU starting at $0.20 per hour; Genesis Cloud does not charge for data ingress/egress..) makes it easy to offload peaks and easily extend the working environment to a similar and easy-to-use cloud-based one at very competitive price.

Genesis Cloud is great for both personal and business use. The company also offers an organizational feature that is helping teams to work on multiple and organization-wide projects. To give you an idea of the look and feel, check out this quick product demo.

Visit Genesis Cloud at SIGGRAPH

Genesis Cloud and its employees are proud members of the community. It turns out that SIGGRAPH was also the first conference the company exhibited at when Genesis Cloud was started in 2018 (in a partnership with AMD).

The Genesis Cloud team is excited to connect, learn, and share ideas with fellow enthusiasts, experts, and visionaries: Meet them in the West Hall of the Los Angeles Conference Center at booth 1129!

Do you want to give your creative vision a proper scale and see how Genesis Cloud might help you by giving you the highest performance at the lowest cost? Talk to the team at the booth and SIGN UP NOW, launching new instances in just two minutes with your free credits on Genesis Cloud.

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