The incredible scale, forced perspective, in-camera and invisible effects in ‘I’m A Virgo’

Several techniques were used to sell the 12 to 13 foot tall main character, including a swathe of in-camera effects.

This week on the befores & afters podcast, we’re chatting to visual effects supervisor Todd Sheridan Perry about the incredible Boots Riley show, I’m A Virgo, currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

This is a show that involves a character who is 12 to 13 feet tall interacting with other characters who are human sized, and it also involves miniaturized human characters as well.

That meant Todd, and his associate VFX supervisor Scott Kirvan, had to deal with scale differences, and together with the team on the series, came up with lots of ways to achieve shots in-camera, using forced perspective tricks, clever staging, and of course digital visual effects work.

I urge you all to watch the show, then tune into this chat with Todd and I, it’s a lot of fun talking about the evolution of the work. One fun aspect of watching the show on Prime is checking out a few behind the scenes featurettes on the giant puppets, and the in-camera effects work.

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Here’s the podcast below, along with a couple of behind the scenes stills from director Boots Riley, showrunner Tze Chun and on-set photographer Pete Lee. Plus, watch the trailer for the series.

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