Looking back at early innovative VFX in commercials with Eric Durst

Motion control, electronic compositing, morphing!

This week on the befores & afters podcast, we’re going back in time to revisit the world of visual effects and commercials from the late 80s to early 90s.

To do that, I’m chatting to visual effects supervisor Eric Durst. You’ll know him from more recent projects like Five Days at Memorial (currently streaming on AppleTV+), Gods of Egypt, Snowpiercer, Knowing and Batman Forever.

Before working on features, Durst actually found himself EP’ing and directing commercials at Dream Quest in the late 80s, and worked on some amazing promos for companies like Pepsi, Volkswagen and Polaroid—moving from analogue and optical effects through to electronic compositing and the early days of digital. And, yes, even morphing.

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Listen in below, and also follow along with our chat in the reel of commercials embedded here. There’s also a very fun breakdown of the Volkswagen Fahrvergnugen work Eric was part of.

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