VFX Notes breaks down all the big effects in ‘Stranger Things 4’

From a fiery Vecna, to bone breaking teenagers.

Ian Failes and Hugo Guerra here with a brand new VFX Notes episode looking at the visual effects of Stranger Things 4.

This was a huge season, with a full range of make-up and prosthetic effects, environment work, CG characters and some crazy Stranger Things ‘magic’.

befores & afters also has extensive coverage of Stranger Things 4 here.

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00:00:00 – Start
00:01:12 – Podcast begins
00:04:59 – our review of Season 4
00:11:39 – influences and homages
00:14:43 – look and feel of the show – cinematography
00:17:47 – the FXs and VFX of Vecna
00:22:27 – so much VFX in Vecna
00:26:30 – the buzz word: Practical
00:32:38 – the fire shots with Vecna
00:34:41 – Max’s dream
00:37:46 – Hopper vs the Demogorgon
00:39:56 – the upside down shots
00:41:45 – that Metallica shot
00:44:54 – changes to the show after the release
00:48:11 – the constant last-minute changes in a production
01:00:26 – Patreon and members credits

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