Introducing CGI Champ: an interactive VFX quiz

Put your visual effects brain to the test!

CGI Champ is a fun new quiz from FX Elements focused on visual effects and special effects. Whether you’re a VFX artist taking a render break or just a fan of filmmaking and film effects in general, CGI Champ is an entertaining way to challenge your knowledge and learn more about visual effects, practical special effects, and film effects of all kinds.

How it works

The game is simple to play, featuring a familiar multiple-choice quiz format. Players are shown a video clip from a film or TV show and presented with a question to identify the visual or special effects used.

Above: how to play CGI Champ.

After selecting their answer from multiple choice options, players receive feedback in the form of an explanation detailing the effects process used to create that particular clip. This often includes behind-the-scenes footage and information about the artists and companies responsible for creating the effects.

Two game modes

To start, players are challenged with a Quick Quiz – a rapid-fire round of 10 questions. This rapid-paced session starts off easy, gradually increasing in difficulty as the game progresses.

A perfect score (10 out of 10) in the Quick Quiz unlocks the Hi-Score mode, where each question carries a point value, with harder questions worth more points. However, missing a single question ends the game!

Never the same game twice

CGI Champ’s initial launch includes over 70 questions covering a wide range of films from the inception of CGI to the present day. The wide range of questions and random selection for each game ensures a unique experience for every player.

FX Elements plans to continuously update and expand the question database to include more films and maintain the freshness of the game. So check back often, as the game will be updated frequently.

Celebrating the work of effects artists

At its core CGI Champ is a tribute to the countless VFX and special effects artists who work tirelessly to create the magical effects we see in the theater and on our screens. Additionally, the aim is to debunk the reductive and pervasive notion that “CGI sucks.” We of course recognize that many effects shots utilize a range of approaches, including CGI in conjunction with digital compositing, to achieve their final look.

Credit to the artists

Additionally, when players are presented with the behind-the-scenes response for each question, they are also given a link to the studio or artist responsible for the work. The goal is to provide exposure for the artists and studios responsible and encourage support for those that have created the work.

Showcase your work

CGI Champ also extends an open invitation to all VFX artists and studios wishing to showcase their work. It offers a unique platform to share their creative ventures and contribute to the pool of questions. For submission details, visit:


Head over to to start playing CGI Champ right now.

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