We talk a lot about stop-motion time-lapses in our VFX Notes ep on Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Pinocchio’

(And we make the push for CG time-lapses, too!)

The latest episode of VFX Notes sees Ian Failes and Hugo Guerra discuss Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, and, well, you’ll need to watch the ep to see what we thought.

We cover the design, puppet fabrication, animation, cinematography and VFX of the film, and we spend plenty of time adoring the time-lapses used to promote the movie. Time-lapses should happen for CG and VFX films, too!

The artistry behind the stop-motion in this film is incredible, of course. Make sure you check out the in-depth coverage of the film already at befores & afters.

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00:00:45 – a word from our sponsor
00:01:29 – podcast starts
00:02:23 – thanks to all our Patreons, Members, Sponsors & viewers
00:03:49 – first impressions of the film
00:07:04 – private screening at Animal Logic
00:09:21 – sometimes, second viewings change your perspective
00:10:20 – our review of the film
00:23:08 – the behind the scenes of the film
00:25:13 – FMX with Georgina Hayns
00:25:53 – time-lapse behind the scenes
00:28:12 – stop motion animation gets to showoff to the public
00:29:24 – the romanticism of practical effects
00:30:49 – keeping the messy look
00:32:33 – there should be CG time-lapses too!
00:37:10 – Portland, Oregon capital of stop-motion animation
00:39:28 – puppet fabrication
00:42:45 – CG and 3D printing
00:45:32 – could it have been done in CG?
00:49:50 – not sure about the wood!
00:55:30 – the VFX breakdown by Mr X / MPC
00:58:09 – the Canon 5D
01:02:02 – cinematography
01:06:24 – the CG water
01:11:26 – could have been nominated for a VFX Oscar
01:16:15 – the Guillermo Del Toro factor!

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