Bringing ‘Matilda’ to life with more VFX than you might at first realize

How Cinesite and other studios crafted the visual effects of Matilda.

This week on the befores & afters podcast, we’re talking to Matilda production VFX supervisor Simon Stanley-Clamp, who also hails from Cinesite.

He oversaw more than 1000 visual effects shots on the film, including some pretty crazy scenes involving crowds, sharks, a lion, and even the actress Emma Thompson swinging a girl around by her pigtails — it’s that kind of movie.

One of the fun things about this chat is that we dive deep into shot design, and also SOLVING shot challenges. I really like what Simon shares with us in that regard.

We mainly look at Cinesite’s work, but there’s also some discussion about other vendors including Pixomondo and Fin Design + Effects.

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Listen to the podcast below, and also see Cinesite’s VFX breakdown reel.

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