Urban Bradeško, aka the Explosions Guy, talks sparse GPU accelerated volumetric fluid solver Axiom

The latest episode of the befores & afters podcast is here!

This week on the befores & afters podcast, we’re chatting to FX artist Urban Bradeško—aka the Explosions Guy—about Axiom.

Axiom is a sparse GPU accelerated volumetric fluid solver, which comes from Theory Accelerated, a company Urban is the co-owner of, alongside developer Matthew Puchala.

Urban’s story from an obsessive artist in Slovenia, to working at Axis, then in VFX training, and ultimately now being part of Axiom – is a fascinating one. After this chat, I hope you might be inspired by some of things he’s looked to achieve in the industry as well (including of course, coming to be known as the EXPLOSIONS GUY).

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Check out the podcast, and an Axiom demo video, below.

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