‘The Voice in the Hollow’ is an Unreal Engine short with a difference

Made in UE5 with the support of Gnomon and Epic Games. Plus, there’s some really interesting mocap and other techniques used by the filmmakers.

This week on the befores & afters podcast, Ian Failes chats to director Miguel Ortega about his African fable of sisterhood, envy and ancient evil made with Tran Ma called The Voice in the Hollow, and realized with the aid of Unreal Engine.

A range of other interesting mocap, 2D, remote voice performance and other techniques were utilized to make the film.

You might know this filmmaking pair from their incredible The Ningyo.

You can listen to the podcast, and watch the short, below. Plus check out the extensive making of. Incredibly, there’s also 90 hours of tutorials and overviews at Gnomon showcasing how the film was brought to life.

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