Ending the world (multiple times) for ‘The End is Nye’

Shooting on greenscreen and destroying the world (and Bill Nye).

In this week’s befores & afters podcast, Ian Failes chats to VFX supervisor Jeff Okun about his work for The End is Nye, the Peacock series where Bill Nye is placed in some crazy end of the world scenarios.

We talk about the prep involved, shooting on greenscreen sets, dealing with the effects of volcano eruptions, floods and more. This is a very frank discussion about the challenges of crafting extensive VFX work during the busy post-COVID period, with some classic Jeff Okun humor. Hope you enjoy!

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Check out the podcast below, plus some fun behind the scenes images. There’s also videos which showcase how the practical pyroclastic cloud effect was filmed, and a look at the SketchUp previs Jeff mentions in the podcast.

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