befores & afters takes a tour of the new features in Projectal 3.0

This video breaks down the newest features in the workflow and project management tool, including Spreadsheet mode.

Projectal 3.0 is now here. The workflow and project management tool, which is catererd specifically to VFX and animation studios, has a whole bunch of new features.

Check out the video below for a breakdown of the new elements inside Projectal that help users better manage their projects, departments, locations, and staff pool.

One notable feature is the Spreadsheet mode, which allows users to replicate their Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheets within the Projectal platform. Additionally, the new tag manager and color-coding features make it easy to organize and identify clients, projects, departments, and staff.

In addition, the data view reporting features provide quick access to key data about the user’s business, while the online helpdesk offers full documentation and support ticketing. Plus there’s enhanced integration with users’ workflow and tools through new connectors, an updated Python client library, and new API features.

For further details on Projectal visit or contact Shane Workman, Product Manager at A free trial is available at

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