How to make a CG mountain lion (and make it attack Kevin Hart)

Milk VFX breaks down their work for ‘Me Time’.

This week on the befores & afters podcast, Ian Failes chats to Milk VFX about the film, Me Time, and specifically the mountain lion sequence in that film in which Kevin Hart’s character happens to run into a mountain lion and its cub in the desert.

You’ll hear from several members of the team at Milk about crafting that CG lion and cub, which was overseen by VFX supervisor Ciaran Crowley.

On the podcast are:
– Neil Roche – Head of 3D, Milk (CG Supervisor on Me Time)
– Harsh Borah – Facial Modeler and Modeling Supervisor, Milk (Modelling Supervisor on Me Time)
– Chris Hutchison – Head of Animation, Milk
– Kevin San – Lead Texture Artist, Milk
– Bastien Mortelecque – Lighting and Look Dev TD, Milk
– Jorge Oliva – 2D Supervisor, Milk

Kevin Hart as Sonny and other crew members on the set of Me Time, with a baby mountain lion. Cr. Saeed Adyani/Netflix © 2022.
Milk’s 3D mountain lion model.

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