VFX Notes: ‘Free Guy’, face replacement and fun VFX


Ian Failes and Hugo Guerra are back with a new ep of VFX Notes, this time on the Oscar-nominated Free Guy. We dive into the game-related VFX, city building, city destruction and the impressive face replacement work in the film.

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And don’t forget to check out befores & afters’ extensive coverage of the VFX in the film, including work by Digital Domain, Scanline VFX and Lola VFX.

Run down

00:00:00 – intro
00:02:56 – review of Free Guy
00:10:30 – Digital Domain and the opening of the film
00:20:23 – Meet Joe Black homage
00:23:00 – the Gameplay sections
00:26:40 – Digital Domain and Charlatan
00:30:30 – Digital Domain aged David Beckham
00:32:39 – the DUDE and Lola VFX LED Egg
00:55:50 – Scanline VFX city destruction
01:06:35 – check our Oscar nominees Playlist
01:09:05 – Patrons and Members credit

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