VFX Notes: Looking back at David Lynch’s ‘Dune’

The practical, miniature, matte painting and optical visual effects behind the 1984 film.

This week on VFX Notes–our 9th episode!–Hugo Guerra from Hugo’s Desk and Ian Failes from befores & afters go retro with the visual effects in David Lynch’s Dune from 1984, just as the new version of Dune gets released across the globe.

Listen in at Apple PodcastsSpotify or Google Podcasts, in the embedded player below. And of course don’t forget the video, which has a whole bunch of breakdown clips.

If you’re able to access it, Cinefex #21 is an incredible resource on Dune, as are the December 1984 issue of American Cinematographer and the September 1984 issue of Cinefantastique.

Run down

00:03:36 – David Lynch’s Dune
00:09:10 – the new 4K restoration and the 3 hour TV version
00:11:53 – Cinefantastique issue Sep 1984
00:15:19 – production issues
00:17:36 – Jodorowsky’s Dune
00:26:30 – locations of Dune
00:31:45 – the shield VFX
00:36:57 – the costume design and art direction
00:38:30 – creature work
00:45:25 – the worm’s scale
00:51:27 – that black smoke
00:53:45 – the wirework of the Baron
00:56:16 – the blue eyes roto
00:58:07 – miniatures work
01:04:28 – the best part of Dune
01:11:43 – wrap up
01:14:46 – supporters of the show

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