Behind the scenes of ‘Sweet Tooth’

A quick look at Zoic Studios’ visual effects work for the Netflix series.

Here’s some fun befores and afters images showcasing Zoic Studios’ work for Sweet Tooth, which is now streaming on Netflix. VFX Supervisor Rob Price led the creation of almost 1000 shots. A press release from Zoic notes the studio created “CG tigers and elephants to sweeping set extensions depicting the dilapidated city at the backdrop of the story.”

One particular effect was for the character Bobby:

“The character was filmed practically as an intricate animatronic puppet, with Zoic amplifying the on-screen puppet with carefully crafted VFX to augment the character’s realism as well as crafting full CG digital doubles for some of the character’s more action-packed sequences,” according to the release.

Another aspect of the work saw Zoic generate real-time backgrounds for display on LED walls used by production:

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“Zoic Studios met the demanding range of VFX needs for this series by leveraging their real-time filmmaking capabilities. With an eye towards safer sets amidst the pandemic, they utilized an LED wall to create real-time virtual backgrounds that allowed for unprecedented level of visual interaction on set as well as heightened safety initiatives. Zoic’s Real Time Group virtual art department also provided assets in previsualization that allowed the series’ creative team to optimize set design, lighting, lensing and camera ahead of shooting. These pre-rendered assets, combined with the on-set virtual production, helped the team craft film-quality visual effects for the comic-based series while continuing to deliver on an accelerated television timeline.”

Check out the befores and afters stills below.

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