ActorCore: a new 3D mocap motion library

Reallusion offers AAA motion capture for any project, game, film and budget.

Character Creator and iClone developer Reallusion has launched a browser-based 3D motion platform called ActorCore.

The platform is a searchable, interactive library with themed motions. They are multi-platform ready, which means they work with Unreal, Unity, Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, C4D, iClone, and Cartoon Animator.

“Reallusion strives to continually revolutionize character creation and character animation,” noted Charles Chen, CEO, Reallusion Inc. “Motion assets and motion capture is the most time-saving and effective ingredient to give life to all characters, and studios do much of their production relying on mocap libraries.

“ActorCore is a steady source for the highest quality motion capture. We’ve carefully planned our performance collections and are now delivering thousands of premium and professional on-demand sequences. ActorCore focuses on quality and accessibility to easily acquire the motions you need.”

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You can get these motions via single purchase or as motion packs, with themes to fit areas such as business, archiviz, dance, daily life, medieval and combat. All the motions are available to preview in a searchable browser format, with animated thumbnails.

The ActorCore user interface.

The assets are categorized by genre, relevance and tags for similar motion style. The AAA quality mocap library includes motions for fingers, toes animation, perfect foot to ground contact, and no sliding.

Once you purchase a motion, you can then download the target motion format anytime from the inventory. ActorCore also provides AutoSetup and Character Presets to let users easily retarget motions to their chosen 3D characters.

In addition, Reallusion has designed the motion system to provide for smooth transitions between primary and secondary stance modes, offering high flexibility for professional animation production, and interactive game character controls.

An example of fighting motions for a character.

Right now, there’s more than 1000 high-quality motions to choose from, with more to come. Reallusion says it is welcoming mocap studios and experienced animators to bring their motions to ActorCore (you can contact for more information).

Sign up now for free ActorCore motions valued at $100:

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