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Get a sneak peek at the lens flare overlays in newly launched CreatorVault

CreatorVault offers curated stock elements for video creators.

Launching on October 6th is CreatorVault.com from ActionVFX. You may already know all about the stock footage elements available from ActionVFX; CreatorVault is taking things to a new level with collections of assets for creative filmmakers and editors.

While ActionVFX users might have typically grabbed the explosion FX assets or fire or gun FX, CreatorVault is more about assets like animated mattes, transitions, glitches, cartoon effects and lens flares—and much more. That last category is the one we’re previewing here. Let’s dive in.

Halo: Lens Flare Overlays

This is a collection of 45 real anamorphic lens flare overlays. Halo was created to give users a wide variety of stylish lens flare overlays to use in their projects, ideal for wedding films, luxury commercials (jewelry, cars) and music videos. They were shot on Cooke anamorphic/i SF lenses on a RED GEMINI 5K camera, and are delivered in 2K anamorphic and 5K anamorphic. Most clips contain only the flare, but some clips also contain bokeh particles on the lens.

Dissolve: Lens Flare Transitions

Also shot on Cooke anamorphic/i SF lenses on a RED GEMINI 5K camera, this collection is all about helping users create elegant lens flares and transitions. It was created to help users create elegant lens flare transitions for their videos. There are 40 real lens flare transitions here in a varied style of 5 main ‘looks’. The speed and length of each transition vary. Some go by very fast, while some are slower. They’re designed specifically for wedding films and high-end fashion videos, but can be used for any transitions needed.

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Icon: Anamorphic Lens Flares

Need absolutely natural lens flares? The Icon collection is designed exactly for this, aimed at giving users a heavily curated and high-quality collection of anamorphic lens flares shot on RED with Cooke Anamorphic/i SF lenses. There are 45 clips available, which deliberately differ in look, focal length and light source. In fact, the light source is visible in some clips so that someone can place the lens flare right on top of a light source in their own video.

All of these lens flares and transitions are available in either ProRes 4444 (2K footage) or ProRes 4444 and R3D (5K footage) and can be used in any editing software.

You can find out more about these lens flare assets and more by visiting CreatorVault.com.

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