How you can implement a VFX workflow completely in the cloud

A how-to video for integrating cloud rendering tool Conductor into Shotgun.

With so many of us are now working remotely, there are plenty of new ways to think about how VFX production can occur. You might already be familiar, for example, with Conductor Technologies and its cloud rendering solutions.

As part of its continued development on VFX workflows, Conductor has been able to integrate Conductor into Autodesk’s Shotgun, one of the premiere database tools used to track and review shots.

In the video below, Conductor senior pipeline developer Jesse Lehrman outlines how you can integrate Conductor into Shotgun using a workflow that is entirely cloud-based.

Follow along as he shows you how anyone from a freelancer to a larger studio can use the workflow to review work quickly without having to worry about hardware. In particular, Lehrman demos, via the use of Teradici, AWS, Conductor, Shotgun, Maya, V-Ray and Nuke, how to render and review scenes in the cloud.

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Conductor will soon be releasing a white paper with all the details about integrating Conductor into Shotgun, complete with code samples. Keep an eye out for the workflow documents right here. Meanwhile, you can take a tour of Conductor at their site.

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