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Using VFX stock footage day-to-day: a studio case study

Video: How Crafty Apes utilized ActionVFX footage in projects like ‘Stranger Things 3’ and ‘The Walking Dead’.

VFX studio Crafty Apes now has several locations across the U.S. and Canada. Which means they’ve also got a heap of films and television shows under their belt.

Many of these projects – such as The Walking Dead, Deadpool 2, Stranger Things 3, Stuber and Zombieland: Double Tap – tend to use eye-catching gore. Moreover, they also use muzzle flash, fog and atmosphere or explosive effects. For those, Crafty Apes often turned to the effects elements available from ActionVFX.

Rodolphe Pierre-Louis sat down with Crafty Apes to learn about where the studio employs ActionVFX elements.

You can also read further about some of the specific projects where Crafty Apes used the stock footage elements in this ActionVFX blog post.

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