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Sponsorships are available in conjunction with regular weekly series of articles on befores & afters, in which five or more articles around a central theme will be posted in that series over a week.

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Schedule of upcoming weekly series

Week of June 17 – VFX tools – Sold
Week of June 24 – Making the shot – Available
Week of July 1 – History of mocap – Sold
Week of July 8 – SIGGRAPH preview – Sold
Week of July 15 – Featured 3D artists – Sold
Week of July 22 – VFX training – Available
Week of July 29 – Real-time wrap-up – Sold
Week of August 5 – Insane VFX supervisor stories – Available
Week of August 12 – Jobs you might not know about in VFX – Available

Other upcoming series:  *Lion King week *Cross-over between VFX and games week

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