You might be surprised how Tinkerbell in ‘Peter Pan & Wendy’ was made

A full breakdown of the Framestore workflow from actor capture to final character.

This week on the befores & afters podcast, we’re talking to Framestore about the Disney+ film from David Lowery called Peter Pan & Wendy.

In particular, we go in-depth on the character Tinkerbell, played by actor Yara Shahidi. I was stunned to learn that in the film, Tinkerbell is a complete CG character, of course informed by Yara’s performance.

With Framestore VFX supe Nicolas Chevallier and head of creatures Pierre-Loic Hamon, we walk through the digital double workflow that Framestore followed. That involved photogrammetry scans, 4D scans and a solver step utilizing Dynamic XYZ’s toolset.

PLus we talk about Framestore’s own proprietary software and animation artistry used in the process.

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Check out the podcast below.

Listen in to the podcast below, and also check out a clip involving Tinkerbell.

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