The Third Floor’s Casey Schatz on simulcam, motion bases and the eyeline system in ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’

Go in-depth on many of the film’s virtual production developments.

This week on the befores & afters podcast, we’re chatting to The Third Floor’s Casey Schatz about Avatar: The Way of Water.

On the film, Casey was credited as simulcam supervisor, but he did so much more, and in fact what we talk about in depth on the podcast are his contributions to the on-set eyeline system, Technodolly set-ups and motion base work.

We also take some time to find out how Casey got into visualization and how he got his start at the Third Floor, where he’s now head of virtual production. This is a real techy and geeky chat and I really appreciate Casey going into detail here on his work for the James Cameron film.

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Check out the podcast below, and find our previous coverage of the film here. You can see Casey on set in the pic below, too.

Casey Schatz on set.

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