Coming soon to befores & afters…

Soon to the website, podcast and print mag!

Hi readers, thanks for taking the time to check out befores & afters. I thought I’d update you all on the content coming soon right here, on the podcast and in the print mag. Here’s a listing of upcoming pieces, hope you enjoy checking them out!

– In-depth on TMNT: Mutant Mayhem!
Dial of Destiny and de-ageing!
Barbie! Yes!
– VFX artifacts held by the Academy Museum!
Dead Reckoning: Part One!
– More The Way of Water!
Peter Pan & Wendy!
– Practical effects from Weta Workshop
– Retro animation and VFX
– Old-school VFX supervisors

As always, if you have any suggestions for articles, send me an email:

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