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VFX job online

Links, listings and sites for VFX job seekers.

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All this week at befores & afters, it’s #gettingavfxjob week. We’re starting with a look at some of the major sites you can visit online to find VFX and animation job listings.

While many VFX jobs make it onto some of the main recruitment hubs (places like Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster etc), there are several specialized sites and individual studio sites that you should keep an eye on.

Let’s dive in! – in many ways, CreativeHeads has become the default start location for VFX jobs (it also features animation, game and software/technology listings). It’s simple and up to date. Perhaps the drawcard is a weekly newsletter that will put the listings right in your inbox.

This insane Google Sheets listing – incredibly, it seems that one person (freelance character animator Chris Mayne) keeps this Google Sheets listing of VFX and animation jobs up to date. An amazing service.

ArtStation – the portfolio site has a neat way of browsing job listings (it’s very visual) and a quick way of getting to the application page for each job. There’s of course lots of game and art jobs here, but plenty of VFX ones, too.

Zerply – a good way to see a number of featured VFX and animation jobs.

Jobs by city – there’s a couple of collected listings for cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto

Let’s Work in Visual Effects – updated regularly and easy to search.

LinkedIn – it’s not rocket science. Simply head to LinkedIn’s employment/jobs section and search for the kind of job you’re after. The benefit here is that jobs do tend to be very current.

Motiongrapher – This is the place to look for motion graphics jobs. Full stop.

Jobs at the big VFX studios – another obvious thing to do is to visit the respective websites of the studios you might like to apply to. Some of these studios are part of a bigger organisations. Some of the main ones:
– ILM/Pixar/Walt Disney Animation Studios jobs are posted on the Disney Careers site
– MPC, The Mill, MillFilm, Mr. X, Mikros etc jobs can be found on Technicolor’s The Focus
Method Studios
Weta Digital
Digital Domain

Hopefully, that’s enough places to get you started! Did we miss any major sites? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list. Happy job searching.

This week at befores & afters is #gettingavfxjob week. Explore various tips and tricks for searching for, applying and landing your next VFX job.

Feature image: photo by Jim Hagarty, © 2018 ACM SIGGRAPH

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