It’s hard not to love the behind the scenes imagery in this Hulk making-of by Marvel

Hulk VFX breakdown

A 5 minute video with breakdowns and interview with VFX supe Dan Deleeuw.

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Marvel has released a new visual effects video this time breaking down the work involved in turning Mark Ruffalo into the Hulk for Avengers: Endgame.

That work was overseen by visual effects supervisor Dan Deleeuw, and led by ILM (Framestore also contributed CG Hulk shots). I talked to both studios a few months ago in this article.

What’s so great about this video is that there is a ton of performance capture imagery and CG breakdown footage, which helps to make it a fun piece. Marvel has released a few similar ‘How It’s Made’ videos of late, including some on Captain Marvel, where an interviewer sits down with Marvel VFX talent to discuss a character or a key shot.

Check out the video below.

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